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China Travel Video Guide

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  1. Adam Chester says:

    Going to be bull fucking shit visiting this fucking place in june so
    fucking excited. I need to figure out how to show off my pride as a
    conservative American.

  2. Paradigm2012Shift says:

    Beautiful scenery

  3. L John says:

    OMG, too old video.

  4. Rakesh Rajput says:

    Love to travel to China , want to explore more in future

  5. HalloweenNobody says:

    only oriental pearl tower and jinmao tower. i think this is 1999-2001ish?
    therefore, SOO OLD LOL. 

  6. Hikmat Magar says:

    beautiful sound

  7. berry more says:

    sometimes ancient people are more intelligent than us. modern doesn’t mean

  8. Jeannine Courtois says:

    beautiful place to visit

  9. Bin Zhang says:

    it’s like 20 years ago

  10. William Stanley says:


  11. Mike Hydro says:

    beautiful country

  12. Charles Fong says:
  13. shubo tang says:

    This video is way too old. I think. It was made in 90s.

  14. nutrino75 says:

    who is this a Travel guide?

  15. China Non-Stop says:

    Also get a paper with your hotel adress written in Chinese language. And if
    possible get a small dictionary.

  16. Athenastarbrite says:

    Did she film this in a dungeon?

  17. James J. Park says:

    She didn’t mention the most important thing which is watch out for scams in
    China. If a stranger approaches you and says let’s go to a bar, cafe,
    etc..then it’s a scam. Don’t follow strangers anywhere.

  18. sc5252 says:

    Many things that she said are outdated, more than 5.5 years ago!

  19. Chad S. says:

    Wow Thank you so much for this video!

  20. usmc212 says:

    I love the way your accent. Thank you for the video.

  21. Emerson Juarez says:

    I think I would rather go to Russia. 

  22. cherazade habiba says:

    where are u from

  23. Phong Tran says:

    Good thanks your tips

  24. Kai Huang says:

    You are Chinese ! your accent is like Chinese

  25. Tang tang Yang says:

    Ok im on a china traveling kick! 

  26. paul levasseur says:

    I’ll never go back

  27. 20alphabet says:

    Really pretty smile!

  28. khatpandwa says:

    good video, beautiful lady, best wishes

  29. Savannah Freeman says:

    Hi Ting Chen! I am going to live in China in a month. I need high speed
    internet for work. What do you recommend? 

  30. francisco00134 says:

    Also guys be aware in China many restaurants they don’t have toilet there
    is only a hole to do your number 2 and that is not comfy for us that we use
    toilet and there is other kind of washroom with not toilet that you will
    find funny so be prepare. the best is to stay in modern hotels they are
    clean and you can use visa. some places they just accept cash. But I love
    my Chinese wife.

  31. Krrish Shrish says:

    i am in love with you. 

  32. Sunce1998 says:

    Here is what I find in China,
    1. I have never paid for public toilets strange you said they charge..been
    to Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen and the toilets seems ok
    or quite good
    2. Well people don’t sell you anything, but occasionally they try to sell
    you fake branded goods that is what I find, umbrellas when its raining or
    even lighters when you travel inter province via flight because they don’t
    permit you to carry them on board for eg and also some are asking for money
    but all the places are quite safe compared to some europe countries, which
    has many pickpockets…I got my phone taken and according to some local
    italians, they blame the eastern europeans migrants…or even in the USA
    where drunks in the subways try to extort money from you (all my experience
    3. Transport is easy in China, many cabs and also there is the subway and
    trains in major towns but watch out for some rude cabs, I heard some are
    driven by ex convicts…anyway cabbies some of them are quite impatient if
    you can’t communicate where you want to go properly…I guess they are
    always rushing to make more money
    4. They have budget travelling and also really expensive places for food
    there but its relatively cheap because of the exchange rate
    5. you have to be careful while walking across the street because there is
    alot of light vehicles around but they will always use the horn which is
    annoying but that is how they alert people to avoid accidents…
    6. Sometimes you see arguments on the streets but I would say generally
    they are very helpful to foreigners when you ask directions in big cities
    7. When you reach another major city anywhere in China..there will be
    people waiting at the exit to solicit business but make sure you take the
    official ones…I tried once with the illegal transport and was made to pay
    double from what i usually pay using the official licensed vendors
    I guess that is all I can think about…do tell me if you got another
    different experience :)

  33. Grunge LovR says:

    aw that looks fung!

  34. Pam Costea says:

    Thanks for video. Nice to know.

  35. alex riches says:

    1) At pretty much any hotel worldwide you give cash up-front in case you
    damage the property or lose your card/key, so this is nothing new and the
    same in the USA. Also, after travelling extensively in China, I haven’t
    found any hotel/hostel to ask for less than 100RMB as a deposit.

    2) Public toilets are ALL for free.

    3) only decent advice you give.

    4) Cities all smell the same, there is no ”unpleasantness”.

    5) Do NOT start at 1/3, start at at least 1/10. After visiting the Great
    Wall just last week, the lady was charging 285RMB for a t-shirt, we wanted
    2, so we’d have paid 570 until we walked away and she offered them for 25
    each. Had you started at 1/3, you’d have been paying around 95RMB EACH, if
    you remained at that price and not ”bargained”. Terrible advice!!

    6) After a year in China, I’ve had no experience of someone trying to sell
    me an iPod or Rolex. Several crappy souviners, but never the aforementioned
    items. You can obviously buy fake iPods and Rolex’s, but not on the street.

    7) Obviously.

    8) This is not true. I’ve never found a ”whole street” dedicated to one
    specific thing. Definitely not a shopping mall. Malls are just the same as
    they are in the USA.

  36. Zescaflowne says:

    Toilet paper is so important.

  37. nocs says:

    you lose your hotel key in US and they do fine you I don’t know what hotel
    you been staying at.

  38. mohamadzen hipni says:
  39. Mandy Hilliker says:

    I hope to go to china one day!

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