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Hc Home Power Line Of 2007 Entrants Diary Chenzhou China Station – China Trip, Home Appliances

Hc Home Power Line Of 2007 Entrants Diary Chenzhou China Station – China Trip, Home Appliances

China Trip,

Today horse at Chenzhou, Hunan China trip at Liujiaping market activities, and at 9 o’clock, local facilitators Manager Liu called me, let me discuss the activities of the last things!

Ma Jia Ping to market, to my first feeling is “Wang”, because the market opposite the bus station in Chenzhou, so very large people flow, and the market there is also a

Home Appliances City! Find Manager Liu after he learned that, in this market, generally to promote the brand

Consumption To small and great, is to
Washing machine , Refrigerator And so lead
Small appliances Sales, type is also a lot of local people’s consumption level is now almost the Guangdong side, the main products are mainly middle and low! Mr.Liu that also left dozens of me

HC Business, he said, “Your book definitely not fat, I will help you to stay a bit”!! Know, I’ve been rolled his own in the market, that the city’s businesses are very focused on and Liu manager to discuss the activities of place and time to be laid down and got the Mr. Ho Manager Liu (market

Management Manager of a friend), after talking to receiving information from the Ho, as he
HC Network The activities of the Chinese Bank Management reported to the market, the market attaches great importance to the leadership of the Department of Management, has selected a position in the market, so that rest of the market protection

Security Department back to work, in our activities to help maintain order at the scene, but also hope that the Chinese line of HC network activities to further enhance the visibility of horse Tangjiaping market! I hear, I do not know not how one time only he kept a thank them for their support and help HC Network!!! After having discussed, decided three in the afternoon began its activities in the market place is security Tingbian, then I written invitations to eat something simple After starting a family to invite! where dealers usually have received HC of Business

Advertisement Of HC familiar with the activities they will determine a time and place! Once at the invitation, the Manager Liu something busy, and Mr. He and several dealer friends to help me layout the event, his mouth in addition to thank you, I I really do not know how to express my gratitude to the!!!!

15:00, activities started, dealers came in one after another, Mr. He and Manager Liu’s younger brother so that I can have time to take photographs, to helping close business cards, to send books, books in the process of hair, Ho letting has led the book to inform other distributors have not led back to the book Come leaders, more and more people, and the scene a bit confusing (at that time, many do

Video Products also come to the book dealer) Fortunately, the scene brought under control Ho, first check the card application form, before leading the book … probably in a half hour of time, books on all hair gone, their are feeling Zhengou fast!!

Went away, Mr. He said to me: “I hope you Huicong network line activities to China next year to do more large-scale, more a grand number, time and place are not the problem, we will fully support the Market Management Department you!”

Is not only dealers who are recognized
HC, market management department has the same attention and support of the HC, these are my personal line in the Chinese feel in my heart not just pride, as well as touching!!! Because I HC were!!!

This point, the HC network appliance information Daquan China trip in Shaoguan, Chenzhou, the successful conclusion of the two stations!

HC Network Appliance Division: Lin Song


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