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IHG hotels pamper their Chinese clientele

IHG <b>hotels</b> pamper their <b>Chinese</b> clientele

China Hotels,

IHG hotels pamper their Chinese clientele
More than 10,000 employees have followed a training program on Chinese etiquette, culture and hospitality. The objective: tourists from the Middle Kingdom should feel at home. Hotels designated as "China Ready" will from now on welcome their Chinese …
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Cancer surge in China prompts rise of special patient hotels
With lung, bowel and breast cancer rates surging in China, such hotels have sprouted up in big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, part of an ad hoc response to what medical experts say is a growing health crisis challenging an unprepared medical system.
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Hotels Snubbed Amid China Rally on Expansion Plans
As world-beating rallies in Shanghai and Hong Kong spill over to Chinese stocks traded in New York, shares of hotel operators Homeinns Hotel Group and China Lodging Group Ltd. are getting left behind. While much of the market is soaring amid …
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