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Latest China Vacation, News

Why Did This Chinese Dad Handcuff His 6-Year-Old Daughter to Himself on
The father, whose name is Chen Yen, took his six-year-old daughter to visit her grandparents during China's recent Spring Festival. At a train station, a photographer noticed that he had handcuffed himself to his child, and the photographer snapped a …
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China Plans To 'Keep Track' Of Tourists' Bad Behavior On Vacation
BEIJING (AP) — China says it will try to convince its citizens to behave themselves while traveling abroad by requiring authorities back home to keep records of people doing anything illegal or inappropriate while in other countries. Provincial and …
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Weak euro adds to Europe's vacation lure for tourists from United States
Vacations in Europe have a new attraction: the euro's steep drop in value is making the continent cheaper for tourists from across the world, especially the United States and China. For American tourists, the dollar's strength translates into a …
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